Isnin, 7 Januari 2013

Politic Perceptions

1) You and I have a difference view about politics. Yet, you can say by your own perception about your support towards political relation and same goes to me. We were brought up with a different situation, with a different place and definitely, we do know something about our perceptions.

2) We can have a different view about politics. Please don’t look politics by your own perception only. Till, accusing and blaming others. Many things we can learn from politics. For instance political history, there are plenty kind of stories we could share. And in those histories, there are many lessons that we can take out from it and struggle to be better than before.

3) In this world, there is a perfect guidance that we can take out and learn from, which are AlQuran and AsSunnah. These two things are what we call as the most civilized which teach us about our position in this world as a slave and as a khalifah. In words of slave and khalifah, both of them are what we call as a precise 'Human Being'.

4) Slave and Khalifah, which promote us approaching to our One and Only God = Allah. 'Slave' commits us to worship Allah in our every action (Tarbiyah). While, Khalifah commits us to raise the faith of Islam which carry out Muslims responsibilities to preach the truth of 'Syahadah' to all mankind without knowing races, territories and positions (Dakwah).

5) So, there are interrelations about ‘Human Being’ and Islam. 

6) Same goes to our political views. It must be axis to fundamentals of Islam. We can have a difference in our perception toward political relation with a different ways of thinking, perceptions and approach. Specifically, I'm concerning on approach which take me and lead me to make a decision and indicating the way I'm thinking. The conflict between you and I is the way we think and our approach to raise Islam are differ with a reasons.

7) Finally, to be clear, I do admit there are imperfection in the way of my thinking and my perception but same goes to you. Thus, we should return to the basic of Islam, AlQuran and AsSunnah and stop accusing and blaming others Muslim perception. Furthermore, what is happening around us, hatred political continuously with condemning people and talk obscenely. I’m totally disagree. Please accept others opinion with full of respect and you can bring forward with your opinion.

8) Last but not least, please return to the name of ‘Muslim’ before anything else even though we are difference in any aspects.

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